LA Film Locations

When it comes to sourcing out the best possible types of filming locations in Los Angeles, you do not want to leave any stones overturned. There are numerous styles of properties that you may rent, depending on the setting you need and what you would like to convey to the audience. Make sure that you research your options carefully, so that you know exactly what kind of film location in LA you will be getting.

  1. Architectural
    The architecture of a residential property is crucial. You may want something with clean, smooth lines, columns, sweeping arches and gorgeous balconies overlooking the ocean. Or, you may want a ranch-style home that is expansive and hardy. No matter the type of architecture you want, come to All Pictures Media for assistance in finding it.
  2. American
    There are many types of American house styles from which to choose. You can select something more classic, or one that is more unique to the New World. This includes Georgians, Gothic and Greek revivals, log cabins, and Second Empires.
  3. Apartment
    When you want to have an apartment featured in your movie, look no further than All Pictures Media to help you pick one out. There are fancy Manhattan style apartments, Downtown LA abandoned apartments and various others that are sure to be intriguing.
  4. Artsy
    There are a variety of artsy style houses in LA that would be perfect for films. For example, the Atwater Village studios that have been converted from abandoned warehouses would make a unique setting. Another option is for you to use an artist loft, which are in abundance in the LA area.
  5. Beach House
    Choose from multi-million dollar estates located in Newport, beachfront residential properties in Santa Barbara, or any variety of other beach houses you can find in the Los Angeles region. You surely will not be disappointed in the selection.
  6. Cabin
    When it comes to log cabins, one thing is for certain – their evolution follows closely along with the timeline of World History. Whether it’s a hilltop retreat in Angeles National Forest or Big Bear cabins, you cannot go wrong with a cozy cabin.
  7. Cape Cod
    Cape Cod style houses are all over the LA area. You’ll find them in the Palisades, as well as spots further inland like the San Fernando valley. Choose one of them for your film location and you’ll be pleased with the results.
  8. Castle
    Search for a beautiful castle style residence to complete your movie setting. They are located in the foothills, Bel Air, and several other spots throughout the Los Angeles region.
  9. Colonial
    When you want a house with a historical appeal to it, a Colonial is a wonderful choice. They come in a variety of colors, sizes and shapes to suit your needs.
  10. Contemporary
    You can locate Contemporary homes all over LA, including the Beverly Hills area and the foothills. They have clean lines and feature modern architecture and interior features.
  11. Craftsman
    Craftsman style houses can be more classic in nature, or contemporary. They are incredibly unique and you can find them all throughout the greater Los Angeles area.
  12. French
    The Pasadena and Brentwood areas feature a wide array of French style homes. It will look just as though you are filming in France when you use such a property.
  13. House
    If you need a house in which to set up some of your film scenes, look no further than All Pictures Media. You’ll love what they are able to help you secure for a film location.
  14. Italian
    Italian villa style homes are stylish and ideal for use in films. These properties can be found in Brentwood, Newport Beach and elsewhere around the larger Los Angeles area.
  15. Loft
    Lofts are charming yet small residential spaces. They are ideal for depicting a space in which an artist(s) lives. You can have your pick of many in downtown LA, as well as the surrounding areas.
  16. Mansion
    Though mansions are by definition huge and impressive, they come in various sizes and styles. Choose one that overlooks the Pacific Ocean for an especially dramatic setting. Or, see what you can find along the foothills of Pasadena and La Canada.
  17. Mediterranean
    These houses often overlook the ocean, and as the name suggests, give off a decidedly Mediterranean appearance. Seek out assistance from All Pictures Media to find this type of property to create the film that you envision.
  18. Modern
    Enjoy a Modern style residential property that makes for a great place to shoot film scenes. Everything in such a house is fresh and new, making it ideal for many types of productions.
  19. Naturescape
    Natural and naturescape residential settings are stunning for use in films. Many of them have natural details that are derived right from the Earth, while some are more man-made, yet just as intriguing.
  20. Ranch
    Ranch homes are spacious, warm and welcoming. They can be modern or more classic in style for your desired effect. It’s well worth your time to search out a ranch house to suit your needs.
  21. Retro
    Retro houses have a certain appeal, especially when your film is set in a far-ago decade. Secure this property with the help of All Pictures Media.
  22. Rustic
    Rustic properties have a touch of the traditional. They are set back in time and have a certain charm. Consider using one in your next film, especially one that has a country setting.
  23. Tudor
    There are numerous Tudor style locations from which you can choose in the Hollywood, Santa Clarita and greater Los Angeles area. They are wonderful if you are filming scenes at an Inn.
  24. Victorian
    Victorian houses are grand and attractive. Bring the Old World style to your film with such a property, and you will be glad that you did.