LA Film Locations


If you need an airport space in which to film a commercial or various other types of film production, you are in luck. You can rent out an airport, or a section of an airport for this purpose. It will lend a sense of authenticity to your production if you have this, instead of using a studio lot. You will be able to relax and let go of your worry about the finer details, when you already have the location ready to go. All Pictures Media is your source to reach out and make arrangements for the use of this type of property.


Automotive locations include car dealerships, used car lots, and different types of locations in which there are an abundance of vehicles, This is meant to be used either as a predominant location for your video or film. Conversely, it may be used as a backdrop for particular scenes. Let All Pictures Media help you find this location today.


Do you need to include a bank in your commercial or movie? If so, consider seeking assistance from All Pictures Media. We will work hard to set you up with a banking facility that will suit your needs. Put your trust in us to find this location and you will not regret it.

Banquet Halls

Banquet halls are a great place in which to hold a scene in which a banquet or some other type of event is happening. They can be as grand or low-key as you wish. All Pictures Media location scouts can assist you with finding this perfect banquet hall to fit your needs.

Beauty Salon/ Spa

When you’ve got to shoot a scene at a spa or beauty salon, look no further than All Pictures Media to make it possible. There are numerous options for these locations in the Los Angeles area. Reach out today to bring your vision to life.


Buildings and office spaces are quite easy to come by in the Los Angeles region. You will need a competent location company to help you meet your needs. That is where All Pictures Media steps to bring you the best possible office building for your film.

Bars & Clubs

There are many commercials and films that feature bars or clubs. A scene with a night out on the town wouldn’t be complete without such a venue. Contact All Pictures Media to discuss your options right away.

Diners and Coffee Shops

There is an array of coffee shops and diners located in and around Los Angeles that would be ideal to use in a commercial or film. An in-depth conversation between the characters is best when held in a quaint cafe. Find one today with the help of All Pictures Media.


Do you want to include an art gallery in your next movie? If so, enquire with All Pictures Media to help you find the perfect gallery location for your project. An art exhibit scene wouldn’t be complete without a gallery to showcase beautiful pieces of artwork.

Gyms & Sporting Facilities

A gym or other type of sports facility makes for a great location for a film scene or commercial. When you are looking for such a spot, seek assistance from a location agency like All Pictures Media. This should fit the specifications of your particular needs for a sporting facility.

Hospital & Medical Offices

Hospitals and medical offices are a tricky matter when it comes to shooting film scenes. It needs to be the right fit, and you have to find a facility that allows you to rent out space for this purpose. Contact All Pictures Media to get you started in the right direction.

Hotels & Motels

Do you want a motel or hotel in your next film? The Los Angeles area is ripe with possibilities for such places. Get All Pictures Media to help you find a hotel facility for use in your video today.


If you’d like an industrial space for your movie, consider reaching out to All Pictures Media. We are a scouting company that will make the process of finding an industrial property that much easier. Take out the guesswork and contact us.


Looking for something out of the ordinary for your film? If you need a location that does not fit into any other category, let us assist you. Here at All Pictures Media, we are well equipped to find a miscellaneous spot for your scenes.

Police Stations & Jails

Need a jail or police station for your movie scene? Whether it’s to show the arrest and subsequent booking into jail of a certain character or something else for a criminal matter in your film, it’s helpful to reach out to All Pictures Media. Put your trust in us and we won’t steer you wrong.


If you want a religious building, such as a church or mosque in your next film, speak to the location scout experts at All Pictures Media. We will make it possible to get the best religious facility to suit your needs.


Restaurants have long been heralded as key locations in movies. When a scene calls for a restaurant, you should contact us here at All Pictures Media. We can point you in the right direction to find just what you want.


Looking for a retail venue at which to shoot a film scene? Then you can seek assistance through All Pictures Media. Department stores, boutiques, dress shops and more are all around Los Angeles. You just need professionals to help you sort out what is your best bet.

Schools & Universities

A film scene may require use of a university or other school location. All Pictures Media can work with you to find the ideal match of a school building. Take stress out of the equation and contact us today.

Ship Docks

When you’re filming a commercial or movie and need use of a ship dock, you may be at a loss for how to going about getting a permit for use. All Pictures Media specialists can help you with this process. Talk to an expert and get started right away.


Do you want to feature a studio in your film? Whether it’s an artist’s studio, place for bands to practice and record or something else entirely, All Pictures Media can provide assistance. Contact us and you’ll be pleased with the results.


Want to use a theatre for your next film production? Then reach out to All Pictures Media. We are here to make the process easier to find a theatre location that will be suitable for your needs.


Looking for a warehouse to put in your movie? Here at All Pictures Media, we put in the work so you don’t have to when it comes to locating warehouse buildings and much more for your film. Contact us for help in this matter and you’ll be glad you did.